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What you Should Know about Repairing your Garage Door Opener

What you Should Know about Repairing your Garage Door Opener

garage-door-openerYour garage door should open at the touch of a button. Openers are designed to give you that convenience. There’s also the aspect of security, as they prevent anyone from entering without permission. Garage door openers can be specifically tuned to your house. They are great- until they malfunction. That’s when you seek repair service for garage door openers.

Damaged garage door openers cause all sorts of problems. The garage door may open or close at random times. That can be disturbing, especially when it happens when you’re not home. No one likes having to step out in the dark of night to fumble around trying to open the garage door. The built in automatic reverse may be damaged- and that can be hazardous to anyone from adults to small children and animals. Cases of brain damage, broken bones and death by suffocation have been reported. This is because people get crushed under the tremendous weight of the garage door- which can weigh over 400 pounds. The inbuilt reverse mechanism in the garage door opener should always be functioning optimally to detect pressure changes. Your opener should be working properly to ensure that it promptly opens and closes the door; and that it doesn’t accidentally close on your pet or a person.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Below are some of the common reported problems. Note that some repairs are easy (like switching remote batteries), while others are not so self evident. For the latter, you should seek professional repair service for garage door openers.

  • The garage doesn’t open or close with the remote control

If you use a remote to open the door, that may be the first place the repairman checks. Your remote may just need to be reprogrammed, or its batteries need to be changed.

What do you do when you notice a problem with the remote? First try moving closer to the door. It might not be working because you’re simply out of range. Also ensure that the motor unit’s antenna is hanging down. Check if the door functions with the wall switch. If it does, the issue is with the remote. Test the remote batteries. If neither works, contact your repair service for garage door openers to expound further.

  • The garage doesn’t operate with the wall switch.

Here, most likely the power source has been disrupted. You can check if the motor unit has been plugged in. In addition, take a look at the fuse or the circuit breaker.

  • The garage door won’t open

First check if the opener’s cord has been plugged into the working outlet. It may seem obvious, but a majority of electric garage doors fail to open simply because of that reason.

  • Dirty sensors

How clean are the sensors’ eyes? When they get dust, it may block the signal responsible for turning on the motor. Here you just have to clan the eye of the sensor.

Before the professionals come over to fix your garage door opener problem, pull the red release cord. It will free the door so that you can open and close it manually. Some doors don’t have the red release cord- they have a spring-loaded clip and others a handle. There are those you’ll need to unbolt the arm between the opener and the door. It is recommended that you operate the door manually until you get the opener fixed to prevent any accidents.

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