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Common Garage Door Issues – And Solutions

Issue: My garage door makes squealing noises when it opens up or closes

Service: Attempt making use of a lubricant particularly created for your springs, rollers, and hinges. All of these “relocating parts” can create noise or squeaking – simply be careful that you do not oil the track! If this does not deal with the noise issue for you, call a Rainey Garage Door Repair expert to take a look at it and dismiss any other concerns.

Problem: My garage door cable reveals signs of fraying

Service: Call an expert instantly! This is potentially a very serious trouble – since your door operates springs and also cable televisions with high tension, trying to fix a cord or springs yourself can create major injury. Constantly let an expert take care of problems with your wire or springs.

Concern: My garage door opens with loud noises or in an irregular, bumpy motion

Option: If you are having difficulty with your door not raising and also lowering in a smooth way, you are most likely due for some maintenance. Your equilibrium might be off, your springs may need to be tightened, there are numerous factors that might be causing your issue – as well as the majority of them are easy for a professional dealership to fix! Call a professional to set up a service checkup to get things tuned up and running efficiently once more.

Concern: My garage door does not open when I utilize my garage door remote’s button

Service: The initial thing you want to do is to push the switch in your garage – does the door carry out typically utilizing that switch? If so, after that you understand that the issue is with your remote. Occasionally the concern is just that it requires new batteries! If the door does not run properly when making use of the switch inside your garage, or if brand-new batteries haven’t fixed your remote, you need to call your regional door dealership to establish a service phone call. They will certainly have the ability to repair problems such as alignment, springs, as well as a lot more.

Issue: When I attempt to close my garage door, it decreases the majority of the means but after that turns around back into employment opportunity

Remedy: There is likely something in the means of your door’s closing properly. Check to make certain that the location under the door is free from obstacles that could be setting off the door to turn around.

Additionally check that there isn’t anything blocking the photo eye sensing units and that they are correctly straightened. Provide the lower edge of the door a peek and replacing a garage door springs too – occasionally it can have a leaf or other debris adhered to it that trips the image eye sensing units and also triggers it to reverse back to open.

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